How to increase your Sales? How to Recruit more Leaders?

Want to increase your Sales? Recruit more people?



Today a friend asked me;

How do I increase my sales, how do I recruit more people into my organization?

waited 30 minutes bad service

After working with hundreds of leaders, in different companies and doing a lot of research, I discovered that everything falls under Leadership! Leadership is nothing else than influence.


You can have the greatest company and you can have the greatest tools available to you, but if you’re not a person that cares about people, none of this will matter.


You see…. People don’t care how much you know, until they know you care about them. When someone buys a product, they buy from you because they like you or they trust you.


Influence is “TRUST”. So when you offer a product you have to make sure that your product is top-quality that it will do what you said it would do. To increase your sales you don’t need to Focus on finding new customers, FOCUS on your existing customers and make sure they become a regular buyer or that the buying experience with you, was the best! (For someone like a Realtor)


When they trust you and your product or Service is Superior quality that of your competitors, your customers will refer you to their friends, automatically increasing your sales. Referral is probably 80% of how successful sales people does their business..


If you want to increase your sales and you already are doing the following;

*      Giving Good Service

*     Providing Superior Products

Ask your current customers for referrals. If they are hesitant, then review this article and find out which step you need to improve. We can also, provide you a coaching program. Just send us a message!



Alex Marqueda

Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Personal Coach.

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